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Tailored Nutrition Support

Now you can discover your ideal eating regime once and for all. Our one to one consultation programme examines your personal food intake and the impact this is having on your body and your health. We then design a nutritionally balanced eating plan that has the power to transform your body, your health and your energy levels.

Nutrition Courses

For some people it takes deep knowledge to change behaviours. Our face to face and online Nutrition Courses, for individuals or groups, are designed to share the valuable information about how the human body needs certain types of foods to function healthily. Gaining essential nutrition knowledge can transform your mindset and your well-being.

Keynote Speeches

Our 40 minute keynote speeches are the perfect complement to any event where you want to give your audience valuable and evidence based information that can rejuvenate the mind and transform attitudes towards food. Our speeches can be specifically tailored to the unique needs and interests of your audience.

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What our clients say

As a Nutritionist, Rebecca is a breath of fresh air. She is totally committed and passionate about giving the best guidance to her clients. Her suggestions are all science and evidence based. She ensures positive results.

David Lilley

I have 8 year’s experience in the well being industry in both the UK & Ireland. Whilst I am not a Nutritionist, I have seen many in action and Rebecca Flannery’s work is right up there with the best.

Gavin Aley
Gavin Alvey

About us

Rebecca Flannery is a well-known and well-respected Evidence Based Nutritionist from Lincolnshire in the UK. Renowned for her passion for effective food nutrition, Rebecca delivers speeches, Podcasts, blogs and video updates to her growing army of admirers. She also provides one to one consultations, she delivers tailored training courses and acts as the main host on Food Nutrition Retreats.

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