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Tailored Nutrition Support

Helping busy professionals regain control of their nutrition, fitness and well-being through personalised, 12 week transformation programmes. I offer 121 coaching for motivated people who value their health and want to cut through the nonsense nutritional nonsense out there!

Corporate Nutrition

What Is The Greatest Gift & Investment You Could Make Available To Your Valuable Staff?

Transformational Nutrition provides corporate nutritional solutions to wellness that reduce absenteeism and create a healthy, happy, productive work force.

Keynote Speeches

Our 40 minute keynote speeches are the perfect complement to any event where you want to give your audience valuable and evidence based information that can rejuvenate the mind and transform attitudes towards food. Our speeches can be specifically tailored to the unique needs and interests of your audience.

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What clients say

Rebecca gave a speech and the evidence confirmed our beliefs.  We used her diet plan for sports performance.  One of my athletes knocked 22 mins off his personal best marathon which is amazing!

John Cannon – Running Coach

Finally an end to 45 yrs of yo-yo dieting with a caring, knowledgeable mentor.  I have managed to lose nearly 3 stone.  Rebecca has taught me about nutrition & what my body needs.  My doctor has reduced my Diabetic medication. I’m on a journey for life & this time I got the bus with the right driver.

Briony Cole – Project Manager

Rebecca is methodical, practical and, above all, friendly in her approach. She is incredibly supportive &takes the time to really understand your life. The advice she gives is tailored. I would recommend her to anyone who is having trouble with weight or general health.

ALISON CRITCHLEY – Internal Communications Manger

I lost 1.5 stone before Christmas with Rebecca & have kept it off. I am now training for a 10k –
something I never imagined. I can still enjoy nights out with friends and it was an amazing feeling coming out of Christmas with no guilt. All my old dresses finally fit me – I feel like a different person


Candy Redfern – Head of Learning & Development

As a Nutritionist, Rebecca is a breath of fresh air. She is totally committed and passionate about giving the best guidance to her clients. Her suggestions are all science and evidence based. She ensures positive results.

David Lilley

I have 8 year’s experience in the well being industry in both the UK & Ireland. Whilst I am not a Nutritionist, I have seen many in action and Rebecca Flannery’s work is right up there with the best.

Gavin Aley
Gavin Alvey

About me

As a busy, professional mother to young boys myself, I can really help you understand your core values and how your health and/or weight loss goals align with this.

I take time to get to know my clients, to really understand their hopes and desires so I can build the best nutrition programme that will lead them to exactly where they want to be, no pseudoscience involved!

You can be rest assured that the expert nutrition advice I offer is scientifically based yet tailored to meet your individual circumstances.

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I have just finished reading a fascinating article in the New York Times which pretty much sums up the trap that the majority of the clients who come to me have fallen in to – the yo-yo diet cycle. I don’t think I have had a single initial consultation during which the words ‘cheat’, ‘clean’ […]


Meet my lovely client Robert. I have been working with him for just 4 weeks and this is what he has achieved so far.   Now, Robert came to me adamant that he did not want to attempt a ‘diet’. He had lost weight in the past but managed to regain it all over time. […]


It is Bank Holiday weekend again with another one just around the corner.  This means that many of us are lucky enough to have an extra day off work. For many of us, this means plenty of eating and drinking with family and friends.  If you are trying to lose a few lbs though, this […]

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