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Is ‘organic’ better?

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Is it really worth buying organic produce?  What does it mean and what really is the difference between organic and non-organic?  Read my short article to find out what the research says so you can make an enlightened decision on whether you should buy organic or not. What does organic mean? According to the Department […]

Super Healthy Rice Crispie Bites

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These super healthy, rice crispie bites make the perfect mid morning or after school snack!  Who doesn’t have fond, childhood memories of yummy rice crispie cakes? They were a staple in my house, probably because they were a super simple, cheap treat for my Mum to whip up. As a mum now myself, I want […]

Healthy Banana and Toffee Muffins

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It is half term and my boys are getting bored so we decided to do some baking!  We chose to make banana muffins as we had some bananas that were on the ripe side, but we wanted to make them exciting without adding too much sugar. I had just received my new My Protein order […]

Transformational Nutrition top foods for kids

My Top 5 Foods To Include In Your Child’s Diet

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As parents, it is our job to ensure that our children  are receiving the best nutrition possible for their growing bodies and minds.  Excellent nutrition is the foundation for good health and is critical for children to develop appropriately during their early, formative years. Importance of childhood nutrition Children who are inadequately nourished, i.e. not […]

Protein Packed Spicy Bean and Quinoa Burgers

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Here is my recipe for spicy bean and quinoa burgers that are protein packed and super healthy!  They  make a nutritious, meat free, mid week meal that kids will love and are super easy too. Ingredients  To make 6 burgers, you will need the following: 2 tins of black beans, rinsed and drained 1 onion, […]