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Why Nutrition in the Workplace Matters  

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Workplace Wellbeing What is the greatest gift you could give to your valuable staff and employees? Your first instinct maybe to think of salaries, bonuses, holidays, training and a fun work environment – one that allows people to develop and grow. These are all very important and commendable components that caring employees look to provide. […]

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The Benefits of Caffeine

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What is caffeine? Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant that is available in several different forms; we can find it in food (chocolate), drinks (tea, coffee, energy drinks), as well as in tablet and powder form.  Whilst caffeine is the main active ingredient in coffee, it contains other compounds which can make it difficult to […]

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How Safe Are Artificial Sweeteners? Are They Really Causing Obesity and Diabetes?

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For many, low calorie sweeteners play a very important dietary role – they allow us to consume sweet tasting food and drinks with virtually no calories. There is, however, much controversy surrounding the safety of sweeteners which means they are barely out of the news these days.  For example, the Daily Mail recently stated that ‘artificial […]