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In this amazing video, Laura is going to tell you exactly how she overcame her food ‘addiction’.
How she regained control of her diet, and let go of the guilt!
She will explain how she did this WITHOUT giving up chocolate or cake.
Cake, Bake, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cream
In fact, she even managed to continue to lose weight during lockdown even though we finished working together last year!
Laura has struggled with her weight all her life and has yo yo’d with diets for as long as she can remember.
Yes, she would lose weight but she would always regain it – and more!
She came to me feeling completely lost, frustrated, and sick of the guilt.
But through our work together, she managed to overcome all of this in just 3 months!
In that period of time, she lost over a stone and continued to go on and lose even more.
She learned to understand why she felt the way she did about food so that ultimately, she could overcome it and be back in the driving seat.
She will tell you how she never thought she could achieve this but she is living proof that my programme works!
Work with me and I promise you will feel less guilty in the space of a week.
But, like Laura says, you have to be ready to make that long term change.
If you are, email me at and we can have a 20-minute chat to see if it is a good fit for you.
In the meantime, enjoy what Laura has to say – I am so proud of her!