Transformational Nutrition Weight Loss Time

Weight Loss. If you want success, you need behaviour change, discipline and time

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I have just finished reading an insightful paper from the ‘Lean Habits Study‘ which examines the link between long term weight reduction and behaviours. It concludes that: Behaviour change is fundamental if long term weight loss is to be successful. The more behaviours a person changes, the greater the chances of success.  They actually found […]

Transformational Nutrition carbs making you fat

Let’s clear the confusion once and for all and answer the question: are carbs making You fat?

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There is a commonly held myth that reducing carbohydrates promotes weight loss and it is indeed a very convincing argument.  We have all tried a low-carb diet at least once in our life and the chances are that it worked.  Think about it, reducing processed, calorie dense carbohydrates and replacing them with protein and whole, […]


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On breakfast TV recently, a ‘nutritionist’ suggested we stop allowing our children to eat cake because sugar is on a par with cocaine! Statements like these made by respected professionals are exactly what have led to the general population being very confused about balanced, healthy eating. I therefore just want to clarify that there is […]