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“But if i stop dieting, I will just eat and eat and eat and eat…….”

food guilt

This is a common statement that is used by clients when they first come to me.

What they fail to realise is that this belief most likely stems from ‘fatphobia’ – they are afraid of reaching their natural weight.

Dieting makes us feel like no amount of food will ever satisfy us which is why we feel the desperate need for ‘control’ when in actual fact, when we let go and stop depriving ourselves, we find that we can actually satisfy ourselves.

Being satisfied or ‘nicely’ full comes down to several things – your diet history, your genetics, your diet mentality, and where your set point is right now (this does change-read more here).

Once you let go of dieting, you will become more attuned with your natural hunger signals and will stop frantically searching externally for a set of rules to live by.

People usually do this because they have lost faith in their own bodies which when you think about it, is not natural at all.  We are born to be intuitive eaters – watch any young child, they know exactly when they need to eat and when they have had enough.  It is us adults who change that for them, we give them rules i.e. ‘you can/can’t eat this’ or ‘ you can’t leave the table until..’.  Whilst children do need structure, they do not need restriction.  You can read more about that here.

Whilst your natural weight may not be exactly where you think it should be, chasing some unrealistic ideal that society has conditioned you to crave, is the ultimate definition of insanity!!

We are all different.

There is only one you.

Only YOU can find where your perfect, happy place is.

The power is within you, it isn’t at the end of a google search.

And whatever your natural weight is, it is definitely where you will be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

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