Is Poor Time Management Holding You Back?

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I love helping clients organise their time, it’s something that has helped me enormously professionally & personally. When I started in business, I had a huge daily to-do list that was overwhelming so I procrastinated & winged it A LOT! I was often called a butterfly – moving from one thing to the next. I […]

Meal Planning – Love It or Hate It?

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Meal planning – love or hate it? Many people find it a chore but the truth is, you can’t eat well without some kind of forethought. But before you say ‘meal planning isn’t for me’, let me reassure you that you don’t have to do it to the letter! Just having a basic idea of […]

IBS, stress and anxiety

IBS, Stress and Anxiety

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is: ‘A chronic, relapsing, and often life-long disorder.  Characterised by the presence of abdominal pain or discomfort, which may be associates with defaecation and/or accompanied by a change in bowel habit’. NICE, 2015 It is unpleasant and often debilitating for those living with it, especially as there is no definitive cure. But […]

food is self care

Food is self care

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Sanity and freedom vs thinness – which would you chose? Most people who feel controlled by food believe they have tried everything and ‘nothing works’. But the truth is, they have only ever really tried one thing – to control their eating behaviour through dieting. They have focussed on trying to change the way they […]

Don’t be fooled….

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“Sometimes your work is to create the exact thing for others that you wish would have been there for you when you needed it.” Yesterday I came across a BBC article that highlighted how people with eating disorders are being ignored because their BMI isn’t low enough for treatment. I come across this far more […]

fiona's journey part 4

Fiona’s journey part 4

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In part 4 of Fiona’s journey, she comes to the realisation that restriction is an addiction….it is not the food, it is the behaviour! Weeks 4&5 I’ve not posted about my Transformational Nutrition journey for a couple of weeks. If I’m honest it’s been tough – I’m loving the self-discovery and learning to be curious about […]

fiona's journey

Fiona’s journey part 3

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I never thought that being able to eat what I wanted would be so difficult. When I was desperately looking for the next new diet to help me lose weight, I would have done anything to be told all I needed to do was ‘eat anything I wanted, whenever I wanted and as much as […]

Fiona's journey part 2

Fiona’s journey part 2

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In part 2 of her journey documentation, my group client Fiona explains how she has finally realised that diets don’t work. Week 2 I’ve been thinking about all the diets I have ever been on in my life – ALL THE DIETS!! Shockingly, I’ve realised I’ve been on and off diets for at least twenty […]

fiona's transformational journey

Fiona’s journey part 1

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One of my amazing group coaching clients has decided to document her journey working with me.  I love hearing my clients talk about the process in their own words, it really brings the work that I do to life. Here is part 1 of Fiona’s story in he own words…. “Happy International Women’s Day This […]