What does ‘mindful eating’ mean to you?

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Whenever I ask a new client what ‘mindful eating’ means to them, they usually reply with something like: “To make better choices.” Or “To stop eating junk…” But that is what the diet industry has led you to believe. To eat mindfully means one thing and one thing only – to ENJOY your food. Many […]

Confidence Leads to Success

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I was recently interview by the wonderful Elif Kose for her CONFIDENCE LEADS TO SUCESS SERIES. You can now listen right here.  You can connect with Elif here: Facebook URL : https://www.facebook.com/elifkoseuk  Instagram URL : https://www.instagram.com/elifkosebou…  Twitter URL : https://twitter.com/elifkose And with me: Facebook URL : https://www.facebook.com/TransNutrition1  Instagram URL : https://www.instagram.com/transformat…  YouTube URL/Vimeo URL : […]

stress free food

Stress is worse than a glass of wine….

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How would it feel to drink wine without any guilt? Last weekend I received my Decree Nisi, had an offer on my house and found myself childfree. Major things to celebrate + freedom = time to let my hair down! So I booked a table at my favourite wine bar and got all glammed up. […]

Is Poor Time Management Holding You Back?

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I love helping clients organise their time, it’s something that has helped me enormously professionally & personally. When I started in business, I had a huge daily to-do list that was overwhelming so I procrastinated & winged it A LOT! I was often called a butterfly – moving from one thing to the next. I […]

IBS, stress and anxiety

IBS, Stress and Anxiety

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is: ‘A chronic, relapsing, and often life-long disorder.  Characterised by the presence of abdominal pain or discomfort, which may be associates with defaecation and/or accompanied by a change in bowel habit’. NICE, 2015 It is unpleasant and often debilitating for those living with it, especially as there is no definitive cure. But […]

food is self care

Food is self care

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Sanity and freedom vs thinness – which would you chose? Most people who feel controlled by food believe they have tried everything and ‘nothing works’. But the truth is, they have only ever really tried one thing – to control their eating behaviour through dieting. They have focussed on trying to change the way they […]