protein pancakes

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

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INGREDIENTS 60g self-raising flour 30g chocolate whey isolate (or cocoa powder and 30g sugar) 250g ricotta 2 eggs 150ml milk 1 tsp olive oil METHOD Mix together the flour, whey isolate or cocoa powder and sugar and place to one side. In a jug, combine the ricotta, eggs and milk. Add the flour mixture to […]

flatbread recipe

Flatbread recipe

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My boys and I love bread so we decided to make these really quick and simple flatbreads to accompany our Keema curry recently. We hope you love them also. They are actually really versatile and make great pizza bases or are great with kebabs too. And the best thing is, the kids can do most […]

Keema Curry Recipe

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Who loves a good curry? We definitely do in this house, especially a Keema! The best thing about a Keema is that it is so versatile. So, we had this with rice, poppadoms, and roast veggies first time round. The following night we had it with cumin roasted potatoes then a few days later (when […]

pea guacamole

Pea Guacamole

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My eldest son and I adore guacamole but my youngest does not share our avocado passion. But he does love peas! And peas are packed full of fibre so when we made these homemade turkey burgers recently, we decided to make our taste buds align😜 With a bit of experimentation, i.e. throw in whatever we […]

meatball recipe

Traditional homemade meatballs by Luca

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During lockdown strike 1, my son Luca really got in to his cooking and it is a skill that he is continuing to develop. Here he is explaining how he makes his favourite dishes – meatballs and bruschetta. I hope it provides a little bit of inspiration. And don’t forget to scroll down for the […]

Paprika potatoes

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I love potatoes! Many people are afraid of them these days because they still believe the archaic myth that carbs are bad.  They are most certainly not as I explain here. In fact, if there ever really was such a thing as a superfood in my eyes, potatoes would be one. They are top of […]

Are you stuck in diet culture?

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Diet culture is a belief system that focuses on and values weight, shape, and size over well-being. This often means that you evaluate your self-worth by how much you weigh and what you look like compared with others This may also include rigid eating patterns that, on the surface, are in the name of health, […]