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Uncover the BEST version of yourself through my ‘Healthy Executive’ workshop series. You will be taken through the 3 steps required to master your nutrition and be in charge of your destiny.
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Personalised Nutrition support

I offer 1:1 coaching programmess for motivated individuals who value their health and want to stop stressing about food.  This is for you if you are ready to take their business to the next level.

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Group coaching

“From Frustrated To Flattered: How To Love Your Body Through Gentle Nutrition” is the Transformational Nutrition flagship group coaching programme.

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What our users say

Since working with Rebecca, I am no longer constantly hungry at work and am eating more nutritious and filling food.

I am understanding how food choices affect my mood and resilience at work.

My productivity has drastically improved because I no longer eat sweetener-laden/low-fat, flavorless food!

I would never have found that in a slimming club!

Rebecca has also helped me beyond my nutrition, her coaching has helped me work through some very stressful situations at work and I feel much more relaxed as a result.

Lynne Churchill, Director at Bluebird Care

Since working with Rebecca, my confidence has increased tenfold.

I have more energy in the day and feel more resilient, able to cope with the demands of leading a busy care business whilst actually having energy left to dedicate to my family!

I would highly recommend Rebecca’s coaching to any Directors and Leaders who would like to get the most out of their nutrition to enable them to feel happy and confident and be their best at work and in their personal lives.

Director at Bluebird Care

Working with Rebecca has had such a positive impact on all aspects of my life.

Becky’s coaching has changed my relationship with food which has given me the energy and headspace to focus on my family and business.

My productivity has massively increased and I feel so much fitter, healthier, and generally happier.

I would definitely recommend Becky and know she would be a great asset to any business or franchise as a whole.

Vic Webber, Director at Bluebird Care


How I helped Paul and Sally lose a stone and a half each!
If someone told you; you could lose weight without going on a restrictive diet, if someone gave you the opportunity to finally stop beating yourself up over food, if someone gave you the confidence to stop making excuses for why you can’t and start making reasons for why you can… why wouldn’t you take full advantage of that opportunity? I did and I can honestly say, life will never be the same again!
Laura Smith

If you are considering nutrition support but are unsure how it could help you or what it could involve then watch this short video with one of my client’s, Robert.

Robert is a very busy financial advisor and here he explains why he enlisted my support, the concerns he initially had, what we have achieved and why you shouldn’t hesitate to start your transformational journey!

Robert’s Transformational Journey

Rebecca gave a speech and the evidence confirmed our beliefs.  We used her diet plan for sports performance.  One of my athletes knocked 22 mins off his personal best marathon which is amazing!

John Cannon – Running Coach

Finally an end to 45 yrs of yo-yo dieting with a caring, knowledgeable mentor.  I have managed to lose nearly 3 stone.  Rebecca has taught me about nutrition & what my body needs.  My doctor has reduced my Diabetic medication. I’m on a journey for life & this time I got the bus with the right driver.

Briony Cole – Project Manager

Rebecca is methodical, practical and, above all, friendly in her approach. She is incredibly supportive &takes the time to really understand your life. The advice she gives is tailored. I would recommend her to anyone who is having trouble with weight or general health.

ALISON CRITCHLEY – Internal Communications Manger

I lost 1.5 stone before Christmas with Rebecca & have kept it off. I am now training for a 10k –
something I never imagined. I can still enjoy nights out with friends and it was an amazing feeling coming out of Christmas with no guilt. All my old dresses finally fit me – I feel like a different person


Candy Redfern – Head of Learning & Development

As a Nutritionist, Rebecca is a breath of fresh air. She is totally committed and passionate about giving the best guidance to her clients. Her suggestions are all science and evidence based. She ensures positive results.

David Lilley

I have 8 year’s experience in the well being industry in both the UK & Ireland. Whilst I am not a Nutritionist, I have seen many in action and Rebecca Flannery’s work is right up there with the best.

Gavin Aley
Gavin Alvey