Do I love my body?

Yesterday one of my beautiful clients asked me whether I am happy in my body.

What a great question considering I talk about body image A LOT!

The thing is, there are times when I don’t feel as happy as I could.

I am just being honest!

BUT do I love my body? Yes, I do.

Have I always?

No, I haven’t.

It took me a long while to realise that to love your body doesn’t mean that you are eternally happy with those gains or that pert bum.

It means that you accept, honour and respect it at all times.

Just like you would a child or a parent.

You don’t have to find it aesthetically pleasing all the time – I love my boys but come on, some days they totally get on my nerves.

But when they do, I don’t love them any less and I wouldn’t stop feeding them!!

I have also learned that pesky negative thoughts will always creep in but I can reframe them and stop them translating in to actions.

Because I respect my body, I don’t always like looking at it but I would never treat it any less that it deserves.

Those dark days are gone.

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