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Eating is as natural as breathing

How often do you stop and try to control your breathing?

What happens if you do?

It feels strange, right? Not normal?  Your breathing gets out of sync, difficult even?

What about if you try to hold your breath underwater?

How long can you do it before the need for air is so desperate and you come up to the surface?  Think about that first breath – it isn’t a polite intake, it is a desperate inhalation.  It is a profound biological reaction to compensate for the loss of air.

On the other end of the extreme, when you relax and just allow yourself to breathe, what happens?  You feel calm, relaxed.  Breathing is effortless and just happens rather than you trying to ‘do it’ or ‘control it’.

It much the same with food.

Our bodies have a natural rhythm, an innate way of regulating our intake to keep our weight stable.

When you allow it to happen, when you let your body do the job it is supposed to do, everything falls into place just as it should.

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