Fiona’s journey part 1

fiona's transformational journey

One of my amazing group coaching clients has decided to document her journey working with me.  I love hearing my clients talk about the process in their own words, it really brings the work that I do to life.

Here is part 1 of Fiona’s story in he own words….

“Happy International Women’s Day ❤️

This week has flown by.

My second session with Transformational Nutrition is tomorrow and since we last met, I’ve been mostly thinking about Self-Compassion.

In other words, not being my own bully. I like to think I’m very self-aware but I’m not sure how much self-compassion I have – are they the same thing?

Throughout the week I’ve noticed I have a lot of automatic thoughts when it comes to eating. I haven’t dieted for years, not physically anyway. But what I’ve realised is I am still very much a psychological dieter. My automatic thoughts still (wrongly I’m learning) perceive certain foods as ‘bad’ and even though I don’t act on those thoughts, they are still there.

Throughout my dieting years, I was taught how to count calories or points and which foods were seen as sins or bad – in the short term I lost weight but none of those methods are sustainable if you want to live a full life and enjoy food! I was left completely confused about what I should and shouldn’t eat.

How can we ever expect to have a healthy relationship with food if this is drummed into us? When I eat something that my mind thinks is bad, which I do, I realise I still have a lot of work to do on my self-compassion! Phrases like ‘What did you eat that for’, ‘you should have chosen something else’, all pop into my mind – all things we quite happily say to ourselves but would never say to someone else.

So in answer to my earlier question, no, I don’t think being self-aware and having self-compassion are the same thing.

I’m very self-aware that at the moment, I’m not compassionate to me at all!”

You can follow Fiona’s full journey here.