Fiona’s journey part 3

fiona's journey
I never thought that being able to eat what I wanted would be so difficult.
When I was desperately looking for the next new diet to help me lose weight, I would have done anything to be told all I needed to do was ‘eat anything I wanted, whenever I wanted and as much as I liked’.
Although now I’m actually allowing myself to do that, I’m struggling!
Why? Because it’s not a diet.
I’m actually re-programming myself to eat what I fancy, whenever I fancy it and as much as I need – essentially the way humans are supposed to eat. It should be a walk in the park but I can’t help thinking there should be rules and meal plans and something to count – I’m so conditioned to dieting that I don’t know what’s normal anymore.
What I’m slowly learning on my journey is that I need to trust myself. By taking away food restrictions, I can eliminate cravings and by learning to trust my body, I’ll know that I’ll stop when I’m full.
It all sounds so easy but undoing the damage that’s been done is going to take time and dedication.
Good job I’m up for the challenge 😊
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