Food is self care

food is self care

Sanity and freedom vs thinness – which would you chose?

Most people who feel controlled by food believe they have tried everything and ‘nothing works’.

But the truth is, they have only ever really tried one thing – to control their eating behaviour through dieting.

They have focussed on trying to change the way they eat without actually trying to change their mindset.

But the constant pursuit of trying to change your body is futile and damaging.

It doesn’t hold space for self-care.

It slowly drives you insane and leads to the belief that you are the root of the problem when in fact, you are not.

When you stop trying to force your body in to being something it can never be, you can actually focus on allowing it to be what it is supposed to be.

This is where we are our happiest and healthiest selves.

It is where food freedom lives and self-care is a priority.

Many of my clients will tell you, my approach is different.

So if ‘everything’ has failed you so far, what have you got to lose by letting go?

If this resonates, please get in touch before life passes you by and you look back realising the majority of it was spent on ‘another diet’.

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