Happy Mother’s Day

This photo is from the day I had my youngest son, Leo.

I always dreamed of having a big family, lots of kids running around, me cooking, a house in the middle of nowhere…. so the smile on my face is genuine.

But it also masks something.

Mentally, I didn’t have a good pregnancy for reasons I still face. This meant that I suffered from postnatal anxiety and depression. I didn’t know it at the time but it was crippling.

I recognised something wasn’t right when Leo was a few months old, it has been a journey of discovery ever since.

Back then, I was struggling with my body, my self-esteem. But I now know that it actually had nothing to do with my body.

The over preoccupation with it was a way of avoiding some really difficult emotions that I would have to eventually face.

Once I realised (or should I say accepted – I probably always knew) I was able to take ownership of my thoughts, behaviours & learn to appreciate the amazing body I’ve been blessed with.

It has born me 2 beautiful children & supports me towards achieving my goals EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I want every mother out there today to know this – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE AMAZING.

Do not let anyone, or any airbrushed image of ‘ideal beauty’ ever persuade you differently.