High fibre, plant based foods to promote a healthy gut

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Dietary fibre is a type of carbohydrate that forms an important part of a healthy, balanced diet.  It has a vast range of benefits that include:

  • Facilitating a healthy functioning digestive system.
  • Helping keep you fuller for longer.
  • Providing fuel for the good bacteria in our gut.  This assists the formation of short chain fatty acids that provide us with energy.
  • Helping our intestines to eradicate toxins and waste.
  • Maintaining regular bowel movements to help avoid conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

The average UK adult consumes 18g of fibre a day but most people should actually aim to include 30-40g their diet.  There are several types that each work differently within the body so you should ideally aim for a variety of plant-based foods to keep your gut microbiota happy.

In order to help you start improving your fibre intake, here are my top high fibre foods ordered from highest to lowest.

For more information and tips on how to increase fibre in your diet, visit here.

This evidence based nutrition advice was brought to you by Rebecca Flannery.