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How can you reframe fear?

reframing fear

I don’t know about you, but I have always been terrified of needles.

It stems back to when I had to have several blood tests in one go as a child.

The nurse struggled to get what she needed and I was left bruised and traumatised.

I am not going to lie, it has been creating a lot of anxiety about the Covid-19 vaccinations.

But a couple of weeks ago, I had to face this fear head-on!

I took my son to the dentist for what we thought was a routine filling only to learn that he needed immediate surgery.

I felt sick.

My head went all fuzzy and my mouth dry as the dentist looked at me and broke the news.

He said that we could wait and send my son to Sheffield children’s hospital but as he was being so brave, he said he could act there and then.

So, my absolutely amazing child sat there, gave me a thumbs up and I took some deep breaths.

The dentist was brilliant.

My son was so brave.

I said a few affirmations and it was all over.

He has to go through some more procedures but we are cool about it.

The dentist went on to tell us how Luca is the youngest patient that he has performed that kind of surgery on because he would normally refer to a children’s specialist.

Luca feels like a superhero – especially as he had to stay so brave for the both of us haha.

And the best thing is that my fear of needles had eased which means I have no more anxiety about my pending vaccination.

Sometimes we need to go out of our comfort zones in order to grow as a person.

When we let our fears control us, we end up falling short of achieving our goals.

For many of my clients, fear of food is holding them back.

Being afraid to let go of calories or eat bread is ironically stalling their progress which is exactly why they feel stuck on an endless diet rollercoaster.

Reframing our strongly held beliefs isn’t easy though, it often requires a nudge and/or support.

Often we face our fear for our children

I have clients who finally want to heal their relationship with food so that they can avoid their children going through the same pain they have experienced for so long.

I give them FOOD FREEDOM.

I liberate them from diets just like I was liberated from my fear of needles.

So, let me ask you, what fears have you been holding on to that are just stories you can flip?