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How losing all hope with your diet could actually set you free

Some thoughts on hope.
Hope is often a wolf in disguise.
I say this because it is usually the hope that next time, your diet will work that keeps you stuck in the yo-yo diet cycle.
But I was reading something recently about how sometimes, it is deep in the depths of hopelessness that we finally let go of what is holding us back.
And oh my, how did this resonate?!!
I have been there – I got to the point where I felt utterly and completely hopeless.
My restrictive behaviours with food had taken over my life and I was literally fighting food thoughts all the time.
I had no time for anything else and hated the body I was in, no matter what weight I managed to get to!
I look back now and I am so grateful that I got to this point of hopelessness.
My breakdown was my salvation.
It meant that I finally did let go and as I healed my relationship with food, I regained my confidence and self trust.
I recognised that other things weren’t serving me in my life, things I had suppressed for so long.
I won’t say it was an easy journey but I promise you, it was a fruitful one.
Not only for me but for my boys also.
So I am glad I reached rock bottom.
I am glad that I felt so hopeless that I had no other choice but to embrace it, turn inward and reject all the external influences that were destroying me.
And my message to you is this – if you have reached a point of hopelessness in trying to control your shape and size, it is time to let go and find an approach that is true to you.