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Last year I worked with a wonderful lady called Claire.  When she came to me, she was desperate to lose the extra stone that had just crept on over time, but she genuinely believed she had a sugar addiction.

Just for the record, there is absolutely no evidence that supports the theory that we can become addicted to sugar…for more info, read my blog here:

But back to the point…. Claire is a busy mum, entrepreneur and holds down a busy job in a bank.  When we first met, she explained how she would often reach for sugary snacks to help boost her energy levels and her mood. She could not see how this was ever going to change….

In fact, she admitted that she wasn’t sure that she ever wanted to feel deprived of these foods, yet she knew something had to give for her to achieve her goals.

6 weeks later and a stone lighter, Claire excitedly told me that she NO LONGER CRAVES SUGARY SNACKS!

She puts this down to the implementation of the mindful eating techniques we practised together.  She said that for some reason, chocolate and biscuits had lost their appeal….

‘I honestly thought that I would have to exercise so much willpower to lose the weight but somehow, my mindset has totally changed….’

She went on to tell me that she would much rather focus her food energy on foods that make her feel good longer term, ones that are really worth eating.  She did also say that she hasn’t banned these foods entirely, quite the opposite.  If she does fancy them, she will eat them, but the difference now is that she can easily stop when she has satisfied her need.  In the past, she would eat until the food was gone without thinking about it and then feel guilty and restrict … it was a vicious cycle!

But the cycle has been broken once and for all.

The most rewarding part about my work with Claire is that these techniques have stuck.  After working together, Claire continued to lose weight and a year down the line, she has kept it all off!

As a nutrition coach, this is my idea of success! Losing weight in the short term is easy…..keeping it off and managing your weight for the rest of your life is the hard part and that is EXACTLY what I am here to help you achieve.

For more on how I helped Claire, watch her testimonial here.

And if you would like to know how I could help YOU transform your life for good, click here.

Much love xxx