Meet my lovely client Robert.

I have been working with him for just 4 weeks and this is what he has achieved so far.


Now, Robert came to me adamant that he did not want to attempt a ‘diet’. He had lost weight in the past but managed to regain it all over time.

‘This time I want to make lifestyle changes that stick,’ he told me. ‘But I don’t want to totally deprive myself either’.

‘Brilliant’, I said, ‘in that case, I can certainly help.’

Robert also confessed that he was guilty of emotional binge eating on occasion and had little awareness of how many calories this could lead to him consuming.

This knowledge played an important role when it came to planning his programme. I recognised that I must not let Robert get too hungry as this could:

✔️easily lead to him eating excess calories

✔️ leave him feeling low and more vulnerable to an overeating episode.

Robert, therefore, needed:

✔️regular meals

✔️enough flexibility to not feel deprived

 to improve the nutrient density in his diet

✔️to connect with his emotions and become more mindful.

So, we put some simple actions in place and the pictures demonstrate what he has achieved so far. And this was with 2 bank holidays and plenty of social events along the way – all of which have been factored into his programme.

There have of course been a few bumps in the road as we perfect and refine his plan and there was even a week of maintenance (absolutely fine btw) which taught Robert a lesson about activity levels…..

But through one to one coaching, we have worked through it all and Robert has always been clear about what he needs to focus on.

I am looking forward to continuing my work with Robert; to seeing him achieve his ultimate goal and improve his health so he can enjoy his life to the full – something that he tells me is of utmost importance to him.

I would also love to work with you, to guide and support you to achieve the things you know you can but you just can’t do alone.  For more information, find me at:

Much Love

Rebecca xxxx