How to normalise sugar again

I spoke here about how sugar is not all bad.  As with anything in life, it is much more about context than sugar in itself.

It is also important to recognise that we do not eat sugar in isolation, how many times have you eaten sugar straight from the bag?


Our diets are made up of a variety and combination of foods and the way that we break them down largely depends on how we eat them.

For example, if we eat an apple with some cheese, we metabolise it very differently than if we ate an apple alone because we are adding protein to the equation.

This is another reason why we shouldn’t get so hung up on any single food or nutrient.

When we do start labeling certain foods good or bad, we begin to apply black and white rules which lead to shame and guilt.  This is NOT a healthy approach.

We must not forget that we are all different, biologically, genetically and each of our food hisories are unique.

The way we eat is often driven by our childhood experiences which rightly or wrongly underpin our food belief system.

This means that we all respond and react to food in differnet ways, both physically and emotionally.

It is therefore important they we begin to get curious about how eating different foods with sugar feels.  This can help us move away from the dichotomous belief that sugar is inherently bad!

Start by slowing down and asking yourself:

  • How does this food taste?
  • Does it taste good? Or is it just the idea of it that tastes good?
  • How do I feel physically and emotionally immediately after eating it?
  • How do I feel a few hours later?
  • Do I feel differently if I eat it with other foods?
  • Am I hungry to eat this or do I want it because I don’t usually don’t allow myself to eat it?

When we do this, we being to get more pleasure and satisfaction out of the food we eat and we can take back charge of the choices we make.

I always encourage my clients, and my children, to get curious about their eating.  Be inquisitive as opposed to restrictive.

Ask questions, don’t apply rules.

This will fundamentally help you break away from the shame and guilt that the ‘all or nothing’ mentality generates.

You may also find that you are eating some sugary foods that you actually don’t enjoy as much as you thought.

And the ones you do enjoy, you will eat less of because they will all the more pleasurable without the rules and restrictions.