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How to start respecting your body

The thing that many people do not understand is that when you are struggling with food, it is often because you have a poor body image.

This usually stems from the world around us – society, culture…they lead us to believe that we have to look a certain way or be a certain size to be accepted.

The media we consume, the people we talk to, our family beliefs, the fashion industry, even our health system, all create our body image.

We are literally brainwashed into thinking that we need to manipulate our natural body shape – weight obsession is EVERYWHERE!

We can’t even turn the TV on without hearing about the next best low-fat yogurt or high protein bagel!

The image of what we think we should look like is therefore deeply in our psyche.  And to achieve this is usually torture.

Yet the diet industry leads you to believe that you will only be happy if you can fit into that dress you wore on your 16th birthday!!

Whilst some of these ‘fatphobic’ messages are impossible to escape, you do have some control over what influences you.

You can choose what books you read, magazine you but, who you spend time with.

I recommend that all my clients review this.

I ask them what they are reading and/or googling.  Are they constantly searching for the next best diet or ‘health’ blog or are they reading books like Body Respect or Body Positive Power: How learning to love yourself will save your life.

Are they constantly talking to friends about calorie counting or the next best shake diet?

Who are they following on social media – fitpros and weight watchers or people with diverse body shapes and sizes?

If who and what you are surrounding yourself with is damaging your relationship with food, making you feel ashamed of your body and ultimately unhappy in yourself, then it is time to change it.

This is just the first step to achieving body positivity and ultimately, ending the fight with food.

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