If food control and restriction don’t work, then what does?

I talk a lot about how letting go of restriction is the key to healing our relationship with food.

Whilst this is all well and good, it doesn’t tell you what you should be doing instead!

So, what does in fact work?

Learning to accept and connect with our bodies, listening to our thoughts, feelings and emotions, stop trying to live by someone else’s rules ….

Understanding the unique circumstances that have led us to where we are and letting go of the need for this to be different.

Recognising that cultural expectations and societal pressures only create dissatisfaction, oppression and often deep unhappiness.

I work with my clients towards a more intuitive approach with their nutrition but this alone does not suffice – it can only be truly embraced when we accept where we are at right now and begin to reject the diet mentality.

Once my clients realise that diets never, ever served them, they can begin to stop looking for someone to constantly tell them what or how to eat.  After all, this is where it all started!  This is what created the fear and shame around food.

I challenge my clients to ‘break’ their rules, to see their belief system for what it is so they can re-write the script and start eating WHATEVER THEY WANT.

Ironically, this is the key to overcoming binge or overeating.

The thing is, we were all born to knowing how to eat – it is a biological instinct.  The problem is the unhelpful messages that we have experienced along our life journey.

They have confused our innate abilities and eroded our trust in ourselves.  They have stolen our faith in our biological processes so that we are constantly fighting food.

But this will never work.

Our bodies are far more powerful than we realise – they will do whatever they can to survive, to try and keep you happy (in a very primitive sense).

The problem is that we feel guilt for allowing this to happen.

Once you come to realise that diets have interfered with your biological processes, you can begin to eat again as naturally as you breathe – YES, REALLY!!

Overeating, stressing, looking for constant quick fixes – this is all damaging your natural instinct.

You now need to reprogramme that mentality, reframe your thoughts and let go of diet culture that has conditioned you.

Letting go….being you….this is what truly works and is where the true beauty of life begins.

But this is not an easy journey to take.

Let me guide you so you can stop battling food, and your true self, forever more.