Is it wrong to want to lose weight?

I talk a lot about how relentlessly perusing weight loss often leads to a path of self-sabotage.

But does this mean that wanting to lose weight is wrong?

No, not at all.

How can it be when we live in a society that is constantly criticising us for the way we look or for the food choices we make.

Everywhere we turn, there is a new diet advert or the ‘perfect’ body is screaming at you from your Instagram feed!

I have even had clients tell me that they will not shop in certain places because they have been snarled at when they asked for a certain size in clothes.

One even said that she was told that something wouldn’t fit her because she was too fat!  Errrr, when did that become OK??

Even many health professionals will lazily tell you that you have to lose weight or ditch the cake to be healthy – how very short-sighted!

When you are navigating all of this on a daily basis, how can you be wrong for feeling like you need to shift a few pounds?

We are trapped in a system that quite frankly, gas lights us.  We are made to feel like it is our fault that we cannot override our biological instincts…it is our fault that we don’t have enough willpower to eat clean and run 1o miles a day!

But the truth is, the systems we are living in are oppressing us.

We have been conditioned to believe that if we gain weight, our partner will stop  fancying us, our friends will laugh at us, we won’t be respected in our jobs!

I get it all the time:

‘Well, you have to stay lean and look good in your role….or people won’t work with you!’

What the actual……???

It is even engrained within our social structures – the more success you achieve, the thinner you should be.

So wanting to lose weight is not crazy or sad or wrong – in itself.

What IS wrong is the pressure that society and culture put on us both explicitly and implicitly.

So then we end up dieting which leads to further weight gain and feelings of guilt, shame.  It starts the binge and restrict cycle that then leads to abusive emotional eating.  It becomes relentless, crazy, insane….

And alas, it never works!

The sad thing is that we will not change the system of oppression that we are living in any time soon.  But if we have any chance of changing things for our children and grandchildren after them, we have to do this one thing…


Say no to the rules.

Turn your back on the ‘thin ideal’.

Stop suppressing who you truly are and what you truly want from life – trust me, being thin isn’t all that and will never make you happy!

Remember that you are worthy no matter what size your body is or what you put in your mouth.

And you deserve RESPECT NOT RULES.

But as straightforward as it sounds, ditching diet culture is not easy.  It is, however, absolutely possible.  let me show you in my next workshop series here.