Is Poor Time Management Holding You Back?

I love helping clients organise their time, it’s something that has helped me enormously professionally & personally.

When I started in business, I had a huge daily to-do list that was overwhelming so I procrastinated & winged it A LOT! I was often called a butterfly – moving from one thing to the next.

I lacked focus & direction which ultimately consumed all my headspace.

I spent hours on end wondering how I could do things better.

My work/home boundaries became blurred and I wasn’t enjoying business like I knew I should.

Until I started planning my time.

‘I don’t have time to plan!’ I used to say.

So I started small. I started with just 10 minutes each morning planning my essential tasks for the day.

I very soon realised that this actually gave me more time as I became super focussed & my productivity soared.

My stress eased & I could see things with more clarity.

I now spend a lot more time planning as I have slowly built on the foundation created.

And it is amazing to see the results my clients get when they begin to do the same

The lightbulb moment when they realise they have all the skills available to them, hence why they are in business, but they have just lost confidence and faith along the way.

Unlocking this for them again is priceless.