Meal Planning – Love It or Hate It?

Meal planning – love or hate it?

Many people find it a chore but the truth is, you can’t eat well without some kind of forethought.

But before you say ‘meal planning isn’t for me’, let me reassure you that you don’t have to do it to the letter! Just having a basic idea of what you plan to eat each day means you can have the right food available. This will help you avoid last-minute dashes or re-installing the Just Eat app after promising yourself you wouldn’t.

And the benefits of meal planning far outweigh the time investment.

One of the main barriers facing my clients is a lack of time.

When you don’t have time to eat some days but still want a balanced meal on your plate, you need to spend some time when less busy thinking ahead.

Like at the weekend – think your midweek meals through before doing your big food shop. This will save you so much time and headspace during the week.

And start small. You don’t have to plan every meal and snack to the T.

Just start with one meal at a time. Knowing what is for dinner each night can make such a difference to your week. This really helps me when I am running in after work and have to feed us all before the kids club taxi shift starts!

It is a relief knowing food is one less thing I have to worry about.

In this video, I share my 6 top tips for effective meal planning – I hope it helps 🙂