Mini Egg and Cheese Muffins

Transformational Nutrition muffin recipe

Batch cooking at the weekend has become a habit of mine but as weekends with my little ones are precious, it cannot take up too much time!  So here is a really quick and simple recipe that only requires 4 ingredients!  These yummy cheesy egg muffins:

  • are great breakfast or snack,
  • are perfect for kid’s or adult’s lunch boxes,
  • will keep in fridge for up to a week,
  • can be frozen for up to a month,
  • are high in protein,
  • are tasty and nutritious!

I hope you find them as much of a lifesaver as I do.  Not only do they save me time, they also stop me from picking up convenient foods when busy at work!  My kids LOVE them too.

Enjoy x

This recipe was brought to you by Rebecca Heald, Evidence Based Nutritionist.