Protein Powders: Whey vs Isolate

transformational nutrition protein powder whey isolate

Whey protein is commonly used in the fitness industry to help meet daily protein requirements and increase muscle growth.

It is often dubbed as a supplement when it is in fact a ‘performance food’.  This is because it is essentially filtered milk, there is nothing added to it to enhance or complete it.

Two of the most popular versions are whey and isolate and I have recently been asked what the difference is and what this means.

Well, whilst both are derived from the same milk concentrate, isolate has been filtered to remove the lactose.  This leaves a leaner, lower fat protein source which essentially means you get more protein (usually over 90%) and less fat for the same amount of calories.

Isolate is also a great option for anyone who is lactose intolerant or has issues with dairy because of the filtering process.  I personally find that it bloats me less which is why I tend to use it.

At the end of the day, they are both very similar nutritionally and offer great benefits.  So, if you want to get lean and increase your protein intake then either is fine.

However, if you have dairy issues then you may benefit more from the slightly superior isolate version.