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Have you got 3 minutes to spare while your coffee cools?

Great – because I have seen how hard you have been working and how successful your business is. 

You spend all day crunching numbers, taking calls and making sure your ROI is as high as it can be.

But if you are being honest, you go to bed at night wondering how you can schedule more hours in the day to devise the optimal nutrition plan which will give you more energy, help you feel less reliant on snacks and stop the fear of how many calories will be in the next business lunch…. 

And dinner…. 

And catch up breakfast meeting? 

All those delicious pastries are not exactly helping you to resist buying that new suit in the next size up are they?

Here’s where I come in. 

I am Rebecca Heald, I am an executive nutrition specialist.

I own a business, I have 2 crazy kids and I am a single mum so I get it. I know it’s not easy to juggle all these things whilst keeping on top of your nutrition and I certainly know you don’t really have time to be counting calories or adding every thing you eat into some food tracker.

But your diet doesn’t have to be like your business. It doesn’t need to be tracked and managed and tweaked based on performance. I have made it easy for you to grab hold of your diet by the balls and sort it out, in only 3 short sessions.

That’s right, most other business owners who attended my series of Healthy Executive Workshops all lost a bit of weight, took control of their diets and notice increases in energy almost straight away.

How would you like to implement something so simple into your day that you didn’t even notice you were doing it?

I thought so….

The next workshops will take place over Zoom from 8 pm-9 pm on:

Monday 26th April 2021

Monday 10th May 2021

Monday 24th May 2021

The investment is £40 for all 3 workshops plus the opportunity to directly ask me any questions.

It will take just 1 hour of your time per fortnightly workshop and you can have the recording to go over after if you cannot make the live session.

And your ROI?? 

I will be saving you at least 10 hours per week on all the food decisions you are already making and show you a way to be in control without it adding more stress to your already busy life.

Here is just some of the feedback I have received so far….

Workshop testimonial laura
Workshop testimonial Martine