Stop driving yourself insane about food training series

Stop driving yourself insane about food!

If you are sick of feeling constantly crazy about food and are ready to put an end to the internal battle, watch my training video series.

Video 1 - Why diets just don't work!

Video 2 - Why we love to eat

Video 3 - You are not a failure

Video 4 - How to achieve a healthy relationship with food

If someone told you you could improve your relationship with food without going on a restrictive diet, if someone gave you the opportunity to finally stop beating yourself up over food, if someone gave you the confidence to stop making excuses for why you can’t and start making reasons for why you can… why wouldn’t you take full advantage of that opportunity?

I did and I can honestly say, life will never be the same again.

I once thought I was a food addict, now I can manage my weight and still enjoy the foods I love!

Laura Smith, Project Manager 


I had been a yo yo dieter for 45 years and often ate for comfort. I had developed diabetes and it was just getting worse.
I felt like I was in a vicious binge, restrict cycle and was deeply unhappy.
I have now finally found an approach that works and a mentor who is supportive yet challenging. She is both knowledgeable and caring and takes time to highlight the full picture.
I now understand nutrition and feel like I am on a journey for life. And to top it off, my Dr has reduced my diabetic medication!
Briony Cole, Manager