Stress is worse than a glass of wine….

stress free food

How would it feel to drink wine without any guilt?

Last weekend I received my Decree Nisi, had an offer on my house and found myself childfree.

Major things to celebrate + freedom = time to let my hair down!

So I booked a table at my favourite wine bar and got all glammed up.

I didn’t make the gym that morning.

I didn’t skip lunch.

I just enjoyed my evening and lived my life.

I drank champagne and Pornstar Martinis without a care in the world.

This was a far cry from the Rebecca in her late 20’s/early 30’s.

She would have dragged herself to the gym, scrimped by on a lettuce leaf and tin of tuna all day and then felt guilty about every drink she ordered.

In fact, Pornstars would NOT have even featured.  It would have been gin and slimline all the way as she convinced herself she liked those more than a fun, fruity cocktail….

She would have then skipped breakfast the next day, gone for a run and been crabby all day with her kids, annoyed that she had that one last drink!

But now that I have made peace with all food, and drink, and realised how yummy cocktails are, I felt good about having such a lovely, carefree time.

Relieved that I didn’t have to start another diet on Monday or stress about my work clothes fitting.

STRESS (including stress over what to eat) is associated with a:

  • Slower metabolism
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased motivation to eat
  • Increased storage of fat
  • High fat and sugar cravings
  • and more

Being able to live your life without stressing over what, when or how much to eat is liberating.

Being able to enjoy a glass of wine guilt free is actually far better for your health than worrying about the impact on your weight.

What would you do with that brain space not thinking about food anymore?!