food is self care

Food is self care

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Sanity and freedom vs thinness – which would you chose? Most people who feel controlled by food believe they have tried everything and ‘nothing works’. But the truth is, they have only ever really tried one thing – to control their eating behaviour through dieting. They have focussed on trying to change the way they […]

fiona's transformational journey

Fiona’s journey part 1

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One of my amazing group coaching clients has decided to document her journey working with me.  I love hearing my clients talk about the process in their own words, it really brings the work that I do to life. Here is part 1 of Fiona’s story in he own words…. “Happy International Women’s Day This […]

I don’t have to love my body to respect it

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When clients come to me, the idea that they can love their bodies is completely alien to them. It feels completely unattainable. And the truth is, I doubt there is a single person on earth who can honestly say that they look in the mirror every day and like what they see. The real goal […]

If Everybody Looked The Same….

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You know how the song goes: ‘If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other…’ So why is it that as a society, we want to try and make everybody look the same? Research reveals that children as young as 3 learn to distrust their bodies and that if they don’t […]

How to normalise sugar again

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I spoke here about how sugar is not all bad.  As with anything in life, it is much more about context than sugar in itself. It is also important to recognise that we do not eat sugar in isolation, how many times have you eaten sugar straight from the bag? Exactly! Our diets are made […]