Podcast Episode – Avoiding Panic When Things Don’t Go As You’d Hoped

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In this episode, we discuss a common scenario. You’re doing everything “right” but whatever measure of progress you’re using doesn’t seem to reflect your hard work. For many of us, that’s the number on the scale. We have a tendency to react when things aren’t progressing as we’d hoped by trying to make aggressive changes […]

meatball recipe

Traditional homemade meatballs by Luca

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During lockdown strike 1, my son Luca really got in to his cooking and it is a skill that he is continuing to develop. Here he is explaining how he makes his favourite dishes – meatballs and bruschetta. I hope it provides a little bit of inspiration. And don’t forget to scroll down for the […]

Why is the Mediterranean Diet really healthier?

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We often associate the Mediterranean Diet with being healthier because of what it consists of – olive oil, whole grains, plenty of fresh produce. Whilst this is likely to be true, could there be more to it than meets the eye? What about how they eat?  The fact that they enjoy their food more?  Could […]

Why self-compassion is the key to a healthy diet and long term weight loss

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I have spoken about this in some of my videos but I think it is such an important topic that it deserves some written space on my blog also. I see it day in, day out. People thinking that in order to motivate themselves to lose weight, they have to constantly reprimand themselves for not […]