intermittent fasting

To fast or not to fast?

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Fasting, in a number of forms, is getting a lot of media attention with many ‘trusted’ celebrities advocating its benefits. I get asked my thoughts on it ALL the time! But before I share my experience and knowledge, let me define the different popular approaches. Windowed fasting. Intermittently skipping one or two meals per day, […]

what does health mean

What does ‘healthy’ actually mean?

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Health – what does this mean to you? I ask because it is subjective. Maybe you think that ‘clean’ eating is the best way for you to be healthy but if doing so causes you stress and anxiety, then is it really? And what about calorie counting, cutting carbs, 5:2 or juice cleanses?  If they […]

transformational nutrition workplace wellness nutrition

Why Nutrition in the Workplace Matters  

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Workplace Wellbeing What is the greatest gift you could give to your valuable staff and employees? Your first instinct maybe to think of salaries, bonuses, holidays, training and a fun work environment – one that allows people to develop and grow. These are all very important and commendable components that caring employees look to provide. […]