What does ‘mindful eating’ mean to you?

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Whenever I ask a new client what ‘mindful eating’ means to them, they usually reply with something like: “To make better choices.” Or “To stop eating junk…” But that is what the diet industry has led you to believe. To eat mindfully means one thing and one thing only – to ENJOY your food. Many […]

How to normalise sugar again

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I spoke here about how sugar is not all bad.  As with anything in life, it is much more about context than sugar in itself. It is also important to recognise that we do not eat sugar in isolation, how many times have you eaten sugar straight from the bag? Exactly! Our diets are made […]


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On breakfast TV recently, a ‘nutritionist’ suggested we stop allowing our children to eat cake because sugar is on a par with cocaine! Statements like these made by respected professionals are exactly what have led to the general population being very confused about balanced, healthy eating. I therefore just want to clarify that there is […]