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Stress is worse than a glass of wine….

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How would it feel to drink wine without any guilt? Last weekend I received my Decree Nisi, had an offer on my house and found myself childfree. Major things to celebrate + freedom = time to let my hair down! So I booked a table at my favourite wine bar and got all glammed up. […]

If Everybody Looked The Same….

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You know how the song goes: ‘If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other…’ So why is it that as a society, we want to try and make everybody look the same? Research reveals that children as young as 3 learn to distrust their bodies and that if they don’t […]

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Is it wrong to want to lose weight?

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I talk a lot about how relentlessly perusing weight loss often leads to a path of self-sabotage. But does this mean that wanting to lose weight is wrong? No, not at all. How can it be when we live in a society that is constantly criticising us for the way we look or for the […]