The point of no return

I haven’t always been a nutritionist.

I actually started my career as a secondary school teacher before moving into school improvement where I then went on to lead a small team working in schools.

I love leading and inspiring people, is it what I went into teaching for, after all.

But for a long while, I fell out of love with it.

I fell out of love with most things.

This was because of circumstances in my personal life that were quite honestly destroying me.

To the point that shortly after the birth of my second son, I had a breakdown.

Without going into the details, it wasn’t pretty.

I almost lost everything.

But the one thing that prevented that from happening was the fact that I would not let myself become a victim.

I did not wallow in self-pity thinking ‘woe is me, why has life done this to me?’

I faced my demons instead.

I dug deep inside myself and realised that quite frankly, my life was no longer making me happy.  I had to change things.

So, slowly I did.

First, I started to look after myself.  I stopped stressing about how much I weighed and what people thought of me and I started to make things happen.  This meant letting go of the food rules that were consuming every waking moment.

I then began to realise that these rules were just a cover-up for the insecurities that lay deep within me.  They were my way of staying ‘in control’ and not doing what I had known deep down for years that I had to do.

For a long time, I had believed that no-one would take me seriously unless I looked a certain way.  I let that go and started to take myself seriously first and foremost.

I had wanted to run a business for so long but years of being told it was a pipe dream had conditioned me into believing that was true.

No more!

I found my inner strength, I re-trained and I set up my business whilst also standing up for myself and ending my marriage.

I have never looked back since.

Why am I telling you this?

Because often clients come to me when they have also reached the point of no return.

When they realise that they can no longer go on living a lie.

They don’t want to spend hours and hours on end stressing about what, how, or when to eat.

They don’t want to worry about what everyone is thinking when they walk into a room.

They don’t want to make a joke about the size of their body just so that no-one else can get in there first anymore.

And it is at this point of no return when the magic begins to happen.

We are ready to let go of what isn’t serving us and let the beautiful world open its arms to us once and for all.

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