Time versus money

Time or money – which do you value more?

Yesterday my laptop got wet whilst I was in bed asleep …. we found the culprit, a leaky boiler (honestly, my luck!!).

My hard drive was saved but the fate of the laptop is still undecided.

Springbok Computers are trying to work their magic but I have to say, I am just pleased all of my work is safe.

You see, that took time.

A lot of time which I can never get back.

The machine itself will cost money to replace, which is not ideal, but money can always be earned.

You cannot, however, buy more time.

It is precious & once a moment has gone, you can never get it back.

If I had to redo all of my work, that would take time away from my precious boys, which doesn’t sit well with my values.

I didn’t set out in business to never be present at home.

Yes, I am committed and strive to be the best at what I do but I want to balance this with enjoying my children’s childhoods.

One of the things all of my clients say about working with me is that it gives them back this time.

Time to focus on their businesses & time to focus on their home lives.

It gives them freedom from diet rules.

That is always worth the financial investment.

Make sure that however you chose to live your life, it aligns with your values.