Transformational Nutrition kids healthy snacks fruit

Getting children to eat healthily, especially during the holidays, is not always easy!

My solution? Get them involved!

Transformational Nutrition children eat healthily Transformational Nutrition children eat healthily Transformational Nutrition children eat healthily

My son, Luca, loved making these ‘treats‘ this morning and I know it means he won’t be bugging me for sweets and crisps until lunch 😜

Plus, it has prompted him to try and ask questions about the various ingredients we used i.e Greek yogurt, seeds, nut butter etc so that he is expanding his nutritional awareness. This will help when I’m trying to increase variety in his diet.

In addition, he has been making up rhymes and expanding his vocabulary which will help with his nutritional literacy.  This wasn’t my intention, it has happened naturally, but this knowledge and awareness will give him the tools to make healthy food choices for the rest of his life! These skills are fundamental if we are going to reduce childhood obesity amongst the next generation.

So what did we do?

Apple Pizza Slices 

We decided to begin by making apple pizza slices.  First, I cored and thinly sliced an apple.  We then selected some ingredients to top them with.

We started with some fruits – fresh banana and strawberries and then some frozen blackberries which I always keep stocked in the freezer.

We then selected three yummy foods to dollop on the top of these; Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter and honey. You could easily do this other way round i.e. dollop then add the fruit.

We then sprinkled desiccated coconut, dark chocolate shavings and some linseeds on top!

Transformational Nutrition children fruit snacksTransformational Nutrition children healthy food

They were then good to go and safe to say, they didn’t last long!!

Transformational Nutrition children eat healthily Transformational Nutrition children's nutrition









Melon Pirates

My boys love watermelon so the next thing Luca wanted to make was some ‘melon pirates’.  I started by cutting slices of Galia melon and chunks of watermelon.

Luca then threaded the chunks of watermelon on to straws which he stuck in to the slices of Galia to make sails.  It was as easy as that!  Before eating them he, he naturally tried to see if they would float….they didnt! But they tasted good 🙂

Transformational Nutrition children eat healthily melon boat

Fruity Skewers 

To finish off, we made some scrummy fruity skewers.  Again, I chopped up some fresh fruit for him.  This time we used strawberries, apples, melon and banana.

Luca then threaded them on to some metal kebab skewers, please make sure that you supervise your children when doing this to make sure they don’t accidentally hurt themselves with the sharp end.

Luca then devoured the lot, I didn’t even get a look in on these!  Not that I am complaining – it isn’t every day I get him to eat such a variety of colourful fruit.  Variety is important to make sure he gets all the essential vitamins and minerals that his growing body requires.

So there you have it!  Three really simple, fun ways to get your kids eating more fresh fruit.  Luca tells me that next on the menu we have strawberries dipped in chocolate, frozen grapes and a vegetable salad – watch this space!!