From Frustrated to Flattered: How to Love Your Body Through Nutrition

The ‘From Frustrated to Flattered: How to Love Your Body Through Nutrition’ Master Class is a comprehensive online training and group coaching programme for those who want their life back.

If the thought of yet another calorie-controlled diet, weighing your food and buying clothes the next size up fills you with dread then hear me out!

Originally a secondary school teacher, I embarked upon a career in nutrition after the birth of my youngest son in 2013.

Nutrition, well food, has always been a huge part of my life, coming from an Italian family. But it took a sinister turn when I started university, aged 18, and suddenly became vulnerable to diet culture.

My battle with food commenced and it took over my life for many, many years.

Throughout recovery, I realised that I have a purpose to serve – to help as many people as I can get off the diet roller-coaster and heal their relationship with food.

In the early days of my career, I focused heavily on a scientific approach to nutrition and this does still heavily inform the work I do.

But as I have worked with more and more clients, I have seen first hand the damage that the health and wellness industry can cause. Body shame, food obsession, chronic restriction and subsequent binges….and much of this occurs behind closed doors.

The majority of my clients are extremely busy people who, on the face of it, have it all worked out. And yes, they absolutely do have confidence professionally – they are intelligent, driven, determined and focused! But their relationship with food and their bodies tells a very different story.

Now my mission is to give them that self-assurance with food – to show them that life doesn’t revolve around it so they can focus on being the very best version of themselves.

After all, who wants to look back and realise that they never reached their full potential in life because of all that time wasted thinking about the next best diet!

But the thing is, you cannot change your behaviour until you change your thinking – let me show you how to stop fighting food once and for all.

It is time to start spending your life hanging out with your family, and actually enjoying your life!

My 6-month Master Class will provide you with the lifetime strategies you need to NEVER GO ON A DIET AGAIN!


I do know how hard it is….

I spent years going round in the same circles, researching the next best diet, spending hours and hours in the gym!

I eliminated carbs!

I cut out sugar!

I tried gluten-free!

I tried shakes!

I even went T Total….

The truth is NONE OF THAT WORKS. Because as you have hopefully worked out by now, diets just don’t work.

In fact, a life which revolves around food is statistically most likely to be that which ends up leaving your weight yo-yoing and feeling “out of control” around chocolate or crisps!

But there are plenty of ‘gurus’ out there who want you to think that diets do work. They want you to keep coming back for more so that you can keep lining their pockets!

This ends up leaving you feel like a FAILURE, like you are the one with the problem because you just can’t stick to the plan. You feel gross, you feel ashamed, you even feel angry with yourself!

Diet culture wants you to feel that way….


I get that you doubt yourself, that you are unsure if this time will be different but hopefully I have shown you that I AM VERY DIFFERENT!

I will show you how to stop thinking like a dieter and start eating normally!

It may not be for you and that’s fine!

It took me a while….the procrastination and resistance are real because diets are all you know! You have a belief system that has built up since childhood – you have to be very brave to face and challenge it.

But, if you are ready to see things from a new perspective and finally see a difference in your relationship with your body and ultimately the way you think about food, then my 6-month masterclass is for you.


But what is involved?

This is my flagship programme – it condenses all of the knowledge and expertise I share with my 1-2-1 clients into an amazing online programme.

I have put together a full curriculum of content that you can work through at your own pace.  

But that is not all.

I will be offering a live group coaching session each month for you to ask all the questions burning away inside of you.

The course content will be available to you for a lifetime once you sign up and you will receive 6 months of coaching.

Wait – there is more!  

There will also be a private, specific online community for you to receive all of the support required throughout your journey to food freedom!


Don’t sit on the fence any longer, I truly believe I can take you where you want to go and make sure you achieve PERMANENT results so you can control your weight and your life forevermore!

What is it worth to you to spend more times doing the things you love?

What is it worth to you to have endless amounts of energy again?

What is it worth to you to wake up feeling energised and refreshed every day?

What is it worth to you to have more quality time with your family, your children, your grandchildren?

What is it worth to you to be free from food guilt and confusion?

Of course, you can carry on just as you are – you have two choices here!

You can continue to go round and round in the same old circles telling yourself the same familiar story every Monday – ‘diet starts today’ – only to find yourself feeling guilty, ashamed and like a failure once again by Wednesday.

Or you can take the highway with me!

Sure it feels scary but isn’t it damn exciting too?? Everything you ever wanted to achieve is just on the other side of that fear and I will be there in the passenger seat every inch of the way!

Everything you want is at the end of that highway and it feels freaking AWESOME!!

Feel that awesomeness, feel that freedom, feel that confidence oozing out from within!

That is the reward that awaits you once you face that fear!

You have the keys now, let’s start your epic journey before it is too late!

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