What do a healthy lifestyle and love have in common?

healthy lifestyle

Despite the saying ‘love at first sight’, when you truly love someone, it is never a momentary thing. It is about being there every day and demonstrating patience and perseverance. 

It is about the small things that you do every day to show your commitment and adoration.

The honeymoon period soon dwindles, the initial passion settles and when it is true love, the foundation is made solid through everyday action and commitment.

The same applies to living a healthy lifestyle or losing weight.

It isn’t about going all in to get a fast result and then burning out.  It isn’t a short term fix, an off the shelf programme or a detox.

Long term results require determination and persistence.

It is about showing up every day, despite the struggles, eating well consistently, moving regularly and learning how to feel your emotions.

It takes a depth of character.

It is also ever-evolving and is a process of discovery and ‘aha’ moments.  Just as with someone you love, you don’t throw in the towel at the first hurdle.

You learn, you grow, you change.

And being there for yourself every day shows just how much you love yourself.

Making room for healthy habits that last a lifetime starts by truly caring for YOU.

Once you do, you will no longer go from one extreme to the next, you will begin to nourish yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Because self-love motivates healthy choices in life.  Whether this be eating healthily, exercising or cultivating healthy relationships.

This often involves going back to the basics and

  • Listening to your body.
  • Taking breaks from work and move/stretch.
  • Putting the phone down and connect to yourself or others, or do something creative.
  • Eating healthily, but sometimes indulge in your favorite foods.

As you do, you will love yourself more and more.

So be kind, patient, gentle and compassionate to yourself, the way you would with someone else that you care about and the rest will fall in to place.