What does ‘mindful eating’ mean to you?

Whenever I ask a new client what ‘mindful eating’ means to them, they usually reply with something like:

“To make better choices.”


“To stop eating junk…”

But that is what the diet industry has led you to believe.

To eat mindfully means one thing and one thing only – to ENJOY your food.

Many people believe that mindful eating is a way to restrict your intake, to help you have the self-control to lose weight.

Yet this just has the opposite effect.

By turning mindfulness into a diet rule, you create anxiety and stress around food.  When you don’t make the better, more ‘mindful’ choice, you end up beating yourself up and feeling like a failure.

The fact of the matter is that we should all enjoy our food unconditionally.

To eat mindfully means to be present and in the moment, to tune in to the textures, flavours and pleasure that food provides us.

There is so much pressure these days to eat a certain way, this often means that we have lost touch with what our bodies truly need and desire.

Mindful eating means to actively enjoy our food, to restore the natural relationship between your body and food.  To show yourself kindness and love.

So rather than giving yourself a hard time for eating delicious food, experience the joy and allow food to make you feel alive!