Why do I never feel satisfied with my food choices?

food guilt

I always explain to clients that we do not merely eat to fuel our bodies, we eat to satisfy ourselves emotionally also.

All normal eaters (or non-dieters) aim to feel PLEASURE and PHYSICAL satisfaction whenever they eat.

Physical Satisfaction

Physical satisfaction means meeting your biological needs, it means consuming the right amount of calories and macronutrients for your own body.

Unfortunately, diet culture often confuses what this should actually look like.

In fact, I was talking to a client today who had a lightbulb moment.¬† He realised that he was not eating enough during the day because he had slipped into the same ‘diet’ routine he ‘knew’ would help him lose weight.

Interestingly, it hasn’t been working because by basically starving himself all day, he is subsequently bingeing in the evening.

Yet he failed to see why because he was so convinced that the ‘bro’ diet his PT had him on all those years ago was somehow normal.

He has therefore developed the belief that he had no willpower and needs ‘fixing’.

No, he needs his thought process reprogramming which is exactly what I am helping him to do.

The reality is that our physical needs are often greater than we think, especially if you are afraid of feeling full because it is now something you associate with weight gain.

Emotional satisfaction 

Emotional satisfaction is something many ‘dieters’ struggle with even more. It is the pleasure we get when we really taste and enjoy our food.

This often depends on a person’s ability to relax around food.

OK, you may think you are allowing yourself chocolate but if when you do, you are constantly thinking about what meal you need to skip or how many burpees you need to do to make up for it, then you will not be getting the pleasure your body craves.

The only way to actually achieve emotional satisfaction, and therefore actually enjoy food when it is maximally pleasurable, is to know that it is safe and acceptable.

To be secure in the knowledge that the enjoyment won’t be stolen because of any guilt or shame.

This relaxation, this being fully in the moment, also means letting go of diet rules.

It means being comfortable in your own body.

It means being able to manage any food anxiety.

And it means rejecting societal expectations.

If you do not allow this to happen, you will constantly be craving the satisfaction that your disconnected mind is searching for.

For more on this, watch my video series that will show you how to stop stressing about food.

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