Why Should You Invest In an Evidence Based Nutritionist?

Transformational Nutrition why hire a nutritionist

You know which foods are good for you, right?  You know that McDonalds is bad, that you shouldn’t eat a whole pack of biscuits, that you should eat more veg and do more exercise?

So, why are you struggling with your weight?  Why do you feel tired and rundown most of the time?  Why are 1.6 billion adults worldwide obese and why do 366 million have diabetes?  Why are our life expediencies decreasing?

These are not straightforward questions to answer but I believe there are 2 main reasons:

  1. We live in an obesogenic environment – we have constant, easy access to cheap, overly processed foods.
  2. We are bombarded with misinformation form ‘health gurus’ and sensationalised media articles so we get overwhelmed, frustrated and give up!

Why do you need a Nutritionist?

Transformational Nutrition DNAFirstly, what is a Evidence Based Nutritionist?   Well, we are mentors who support, guide and motivate people to make positive choices about their health.  We educate our clients so that they can adjust their lifestyle and eating behaviours in a way that aligns with their values and goals.

Whilst our practice is informed by the most up to date Nutritional science, we work with each client as an individual person – no cookie cutter plans or pseudoscience involved.  This means that we find creative solutions that fit in with their busy lives – ones that stick!

One thing to be mindful when you are ready to work with a Nutritionist is that the term is not protected, this unfortunately means that there are many charlatans out there that could do you more harm than good.  So, please do your research, this short presentation may help, and take the time to find someone you can trust.  If they are very ‘cost effective’ then there is usually a reason why….

Do your research when looking for a Nutritionist, there are many who use the term without being appropriately qualified.

Why you shouldn’t always rely on your GP for nutrition advice

According to the BBC, a leading GP has estimated that 80% of his cases are lifestyle or diet related. In the same BBC article, medical students claimed that over the course of 5-6 years study, only 10-24 hours is spent on this crucial topic.

Even the famous Dr Michael Mosley admits that he ‘learnt almost nothing about nutrition’ at medical school. It would therefore seem fair to say that medical school is falling short on its teaching of nutrition.

Good nutrition is essential to the health of EVERY individual but your GP is not necessarily the expert in this area. It is impossible for GP’s to specialise in everything, they are GENERALISTS and there are many things that medical school doesn’t teach them.

GP’s are, of course, highly educated, respected professionals for very good reason but please bear in mind that they are not Nutritionists so their advice in this area will be ‘general’. This is why if you want assistance with your diet, you should seek a qualified professional in this area.

Your doctor may not be the best professional to go to for nutrition advice.

Top reasons to seek the support of a Nutritionist

They will work with you to overcome barriers 

Transformational Nutrition diet supportA good Nutritionist will not tell you what you should do, they will get to know you and your lifestyle so they can truly understand what is holding you back.  Is it work, stress, kids?  What are the reasons you are telling yourself that you cannot prioritise your health and well-being? We dig deep and help you find the solutions.

More often than not it is our mindset that holds us back, not a lack of time.  We tell ourselves that changing what we do now will be time consuming yet we are happy to spend hours on end scrolling through Facebook or Instagram…

They will cut through the pseudoscience and misinformation

A good Nutritionist will not tell you to cut out gluten if you like bread or that carbs after 6 will make you fat!  They will not recommend a ‘detox’ or tell you that you must eliminate dairy.  There are so many myths out there that have become so called ‘truths’ but we will demystify all of that and guide you towards a much more enjoyable, sustainable way of life.

They will help you make change that ‘sticks’

You may well have a dress you want to wear for an important wedding or want to achieve that bikini body; a good Nutritionist will indeed help you to achieve that.  But the best thing is that they will coach you to maintain it, to live within a healthy body that makes you feel great long term.

They wont give you a ‘fad’ diet or rigid meal plan; they will teach you how to form healthy habits that ultimately lead you towards having the best quality of life FOREVER, not just for that 2 week holiday.

This means that you will know how to navigate the menu in a restaurant without feeling that you can only have a salad, you will learn how to balance a busy social life without going up a dress size…you will be set up for both short and long term success.

A good Nutritionist will guide you towards making changes that stick with you for life so that you can maintain a weight that is just right for you.

They will show you how to monitor progress effectively

Unlike many weight loss programmes (no names mentioned…), a Nutritionist will educate you on all the factors that affect scale weight i.e. menstrual cycle, sleep, hydration, sodium intake etc so that you can confidently measure your progress accurately.  They will help you look at the bigger picture so that you are no longer a slave to the fluctuations that occur daily and that can literally dictate your mood.  They will liberate you so you can begin to look beyond your relationship with gravity and appreciate that smaller waist and more toned thighs.

They will provide accountability 

If you have committed financially to a Nutritionist, you will be more committed to achieving your goals than ever before!

Admit it, you have tried diet after diet in the past but have eventually given up because:

a. it didn’t suit you

b. you had nothing to lose.

But this time, if you don’t stick to it, then you will literally waste your hard earned cash.  Unless you have money to burn, you will therefore be devastated if it doesn’t work.  Yes, the strategy and support comes from your Nutritionist but, ultimately, if you don’t adhere, you don’t succeed.

This is made easier through the accountability that your Nutritionist will create.  You will be expected to check-in, to demonstrate progress.  You will very quickly begin to enjoy the feeling of reporting positively on how your week has gone and will thrive on the feedback on how to get even better!

You will be much more motivated, dedicated and determined to succeed.  And, over time, these habits will become a part of who you are, they will form your identity so that you no longer have to think about including veg with every meal – it will become part of your routine much like brushing your teeth.

A good Nutritionist will educate you so that you are equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate your nutrition with ease for a lifetime.


Transformational nutrition diet energyA good Nutritionist is invaluable. They will provide you with the information, tools, and confidence to implement a nutrition plan that becomes a way of life. But your success does depend on you; your Nutritionist will guide you but they cannot do it for you.  You need to engage, practice and ask questions.  If you do so, they will help you to refine and perfect your strategy so you can put restrictive diets behind you FOREVER.

Another thing that you must do is define your goal and understand your ‘why’; once you do this, you will see the true value in your Nutritionist and the rest will be history.

So, don’t pay for health later by leaving yourself susceptible to illness and disease.  Invest now and begin reaping the benefits of a happier, healthier and more energised you TODAY!

This was brought to you by Rebecca Flannery, Evidence Based Nutrition Coach.