Will you be brave enough to embrace change?

embrace change

Change, do you embrace it or resist it?

I have to admit that there have been many times in my life when I have been resistant to change.

But the fact is that if you do not create change, it will create you.

I realised this a while ago.

I realised that change is inevitable – nothing ever stays the same.

With that in mind, it is much better to initiate the change yourself, to make it a welcome one.

I have embarked upon a lot of change over the last few years but a defining moment for me was when I started to dig deep into where I really wanted to take my business.

It became clear to me that my messaging was not fully aligned with my values.

So I changed it.

I invested in a coach, I stripped my business back to basics and I redesigned how I coach my clients.

It was the BEST thing I EVER did!

I am so much more passionate, more motivated, and more able to serve my clients as a result.

It was not easy, I had to change my thinking and I still work on this every day.

The imposter syndrome is REAL.

But my business has grown faster over the last 6 months than it ever did in the previous 3 years.

And all because I faced my fears (albeit not the sharks) and implemented change.

This is something that I help my clients do.

When they come to me, they are still hesitant…

‘Will this lady really change the way I eat forever?’

I roll with that.

I show them THEY can do it.

I get the results they never imagined possible.

I help them move on from the diet mindset that has trapped them for so long, I am their catalyst.

People usually avoid changes and prefer to stay in their comfort zones, but I am a true believer that once you get the courage and take the first step to change, your life will become much better.

Not only will you grow and learn new things about yourself, but you will also have the flexibility to adapt to new situations, new environment, new people.

No rigid diet plan will give you that.

You will see your eating evolve with your new-found self-awareness, it will mould around YOUR life.

As I said above, change is inevitable. This is why so many people freak out – diets don’t allow for this.

It is why they set you up for failure.

It was a bit like when I was trying to follow ‘proven’ business and marketing plans….

They just weren’t feasible when I suddenly found myself on my own with two young boys in the middle of a pandemic.

I had to adapt for so many environmental as well as psychological reasons.

Change also gives you the chance to re-evaluate your life and look at certain things from a different perspective.

Depending on what the change is, it may also reinforce your life values.

You may find that you can eat with your family once again!! You can socialise without stress and panic.

This then has a snowball effect on all aspects of your life. It all begins to fall in to place and the world is suddenly a much more beautiful place.

As you progress instead of staying stagnant, new opportunities will arise.

They did for me and my business!

I cannot believe how much my life has changed for the better despite the uncertainty that Covid-19 has created.

Each change is a new chapter, a defining moment that creates a path to excitement and joy.

Without it, life would be dull and predictable.

One thing I always say to clients is instead of resisting the temptation to remain as you are, take one small step that takes you closer to where you want to be.

I love being in the passenger seat with them, it gives me butterflies every single time.